AAI Foundation is a non profit organization and we depend solely on donations from the kindness of others to support the children’s needs. There is no any Government aid or funding. Aai Foundation family needs day-to-day requirement of many a things like food items, books, school items, blankets, cloths, medicine and even toothpaste & washing soap etc.

We all know about the needs and requirements of a normal child being nourished in a supportive & healthy environment in his family. Every child has natural right for his joyful childhood. Somehow few children miss their childhood because of some accident or mistakes. It's our social responsibility to stand by them & support them for a better & bright future.

AAI Foundation is a family of 84 such children and the strong inspiration of Santosh & his colleagues are keenly taking loving parental responsibilities of all the children as father & mother. They are honestly committed to give happy childhood to every child.

There are challenges everyday about raising funds even for small needs. We appeal to the generosity & sensibility inside you & request you to raise your help & support the way you like, for the better future of these innocent lives.