Dedicated Team

Parmeshvar Andhale

Parmeshwar is among-st the first 7 children who started this journey with Santosh. After completing his graduation he decided to stay back and help Santosh in running the show.

Balasaheb Nagare

Balasaheb also called as Balu-dada by kids joined Balgraam in 2013. He is down to earth and a very shy person. He wears different hats, sometimes he is Store keeper where he ensures that all supplies are continuous and reach kids at time. Sometimes he is Janitor who ensures that the Balgraam campus is clean and healthy. Sometimes he wears hat of Supervisor and supervise building construction work.
Balu expresses that he has learned a lot during his tenure at Balgraam. He loves working for kids and is always happy to take an extra step for their well being.