While humanitarian sense is decreasing day by day, we try our best to help children especially orphans, poverty-stricken & helpless in spite of their cast & religion. These relations are important than blood relations. We endeavor to reduce their sorrows & make them happier than before. Our family is unique in this respect.

The aim of this self driven activity is to provide food, cloth, shelter, education, training & protection to orphans & poor children in a homely environment and to rehabilitate them with some self sufficient vocational activity. The efforts are directed towards giving these children, their natural & rightful childhood.

To achieve these goals we consider ourselves to be attached with the activities of such social organization who are aspiring for social reforms. Considering eudaemonia of mankind & environment, AAI FOUNDATION is promising to implement socially benefiting structural projects to enrich the society. We are abide by to take effective steps through our organization for positive social reforms.