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In a wide stretch of almost barren land, a 3-acre plot comes alive with hope and hard work. This is the home for about 107 children in the age group of 3-18 years.



This is a new project started recently in Aurangabad. This is a home for all children above 18 years of age from Sahara Anathalay Pariwar.

Our Story

What we do & how we started

On a dark night, Santosh Garje, son of a cane-cutter from the drought-prone region of Beed, Maharashtra notorious for farmer suicides, lost his sister to domestic violence leaving her infant daughter as an orphan in Santosh’s care.

This crucible not only changed Santosh’s life but also of many children who would later address him ‘Baba’. He quit his dream of becoming a school teacher and at a young age of 18, began an institution called Sahara Anathalay Pariwar with a vow to provide a better future to those innocent children who had faced similar destinies to his niece.


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Address :- Balgram, Sahara Anathalay Pariwar, Govindwadi, Georai, Beed – 431127

Email :- [email protected]

Contact Person :-  Jeevan Thul (9011083711 )


To nourish them and nurture their dreams, We need YOU !


Because while shaping them we need more helping hands…. 

We need your vision while showing them futuristic dreams….

We would show them your flight before strengthening their wings…

We would keep you as an example while making them sensible citizen…

We seek their mother, father, sister, brother, relatives, our people, their people in you…